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About the Communication Major

A general communication major program focuses on the comprehensive study of communication, which spans the study of mass communication and media studies, including old and new technologies. The general field of communication refers to the ways people give and receive verbal and nonverbal messages to convey meaning across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The communication major is a broad field of study and degree programs vary, but typically students study and develop skills in speaking, writing, critical thinking, and technology. Some areas of specialization within a communication major include public relations, rhetoric, public communication, and advertising. Effective and ethical communication is necessary in both a person's professional and personal life, so it's important and relevant to hone these skills via the courses taken as a communication major.

A student pursuing a bachelor's degree in communication can expect to take classes in interpersonal, group, organizational, and/or intercultural communication. Communication is transactional, so students learn through graphic representations of the collaborative and ongoing message exchanges between individuals (interpersonal communication) or a group of individuals (group communication). Communication majors learn about and experiment with argumentation and persuasion, both written and orally. They also study printed, electronic, and digital media while utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Communication majors graduate with an extremely versatile skill set, allowing them access to a vast array of careers in fields including but not limited to business, advertising, journalism, public relations, electronic media, education, theater, heath care, law, human services, and politics.
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