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The brain is arguably the most complex computer system in the world and it processes more information daily than we realize. Cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics majors study the brain to understand the brain, which we still know so little about.

Cognitive psychology is the study of how information is processed and retained in the brain, while psycholinguistics specifically focuses on how the brain processes language. These areas of study help us understand memory retention, learning disabilities, and why certain teaching methods are more effective than others.

Those interested in becoming cognitive psychologists and psycholinguists generally earn a bachelor's degree in general psychology, which provides a solid foundation for further study. To gain a graduate or postgraduate degree in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics, students will take more in-depth courses on how the brain works, memory function, and language processing.

Career opportunities exist in a number of areas for individuals holding a degree in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics. Many graduates work as professors, linguistic specialists, or researchers. Others opportunities include technical or consulting positions, both for private or public entities. 

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