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About the Clinical Psychology Major

Are you interested in the human mind and its operations? Do your friends always come to you when they have a problem and want to talk? Clinical psychology might be the major for you. As a clinical psychology major, you will take courses that explore the human mind and how it operates. From understanding different personalities to theories of development, students learn about the different specialties and theories of psychology. They will eventually be able to take what they have learned and apply it in the real world when they take on patients and clients and help them understand and overcome their struggles and problems. In addition to practicing, clinical psychologists often continue their research in the field to better the quality and knowledge of the profession.

As a future psychologist, students need lots of hands-on experience. During their undergraduate years, clinical psychology majors can expect to participate in psychological studies and research. Many schools require undergraduate students to either participate as a subject in the studies or serving as an assistant researcher. Working and volunteering at places such as hospitals and private practices are beneficial and can also open many doors in your future job search. Prepare yourself for more schooling after you receive your undergraduate degree, as most clinical psychology positions require a master's degree or doctorate.

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