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When children are struggling, they often need a psychologist to help them work through their problems. A clinical child psychologist works with children younger than 18 and can help them with psychological, behavioral, developmental, academic, and familial problems. Because emotional issues and mental illnesses need to be treated differently in children and teens than in adults, psychologists with specialized knowledge are in high demand.

Clinical child psychologists have a variety of responsibilities, such as assessing a patient via interviews, conducting psychological tests, and analyzing a child's history. It is no surprise, then, that the clinical child psychology major coursework focuses on these areas. If this career path appeals to you, you'll need to earn a bachelor's degree in child psychology or child development before applying to earn a master's degree or doctorate in clinical child psychology.

Clinical child psychologists can find work in hospitals, mental health facilities, or government health agencies. Those who have earned their Ph.D. also have the option to open their own practice.

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