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Do you like to mix chemicals? Do math problems? Participate in laboratory activities? Learn about chemical components and compounds that affect and surround us? Or possibly you're interested in becoming a mad scientist that will one day save the world? If so, chemistry might be the major for you! As a chemistry major, you will learn all about the periodic table and chemical combinations as well as the composition of modern medicine, the chemical make-up of items and materials such as toys and plastic, and much more.

Do expect to take some challenging courses, such as Calculus II, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physics. Also be prepared to volunteer and work at hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and research companies to gain hands-on experience in the field. However, do not let the difficult courses discourage you, because the careers that are open to chemistry majors are worth all the hard work.

Once you have obtained your undergraduate degree in chemistry, you may choose to continue your education by obtaining a Master's or even a Doctoral degree to further your knowledge about chemistry. Many chemistry majors choose to pursue advanced degrees in medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry. They also may pursue careers in scientific research and analysis, education, forensics, patent law, industrial health and safety, or pharmaceutical sales.

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