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Majoring in cell biology and anatomy gives you a deep understanding of how cells function and the scientific study of life's building blocks. By taking on a cell biology and anatomy major, you'll receive detailed instruction in cell, structural, and molecular biology; anatomy; endocrinology; and how those topics relate to specific diseases, systems, and processes.

Apart from lab work, students majoring in this field will partner with many clinical departments, institutes, and research centers to yield results in terms of new scientific discoveries. This course of study gives you the chance to explore new horizons while playing a vital role in important medical and scientific discoveries that could change the world.

One of the best things about opting for cell biology and anatomy as a major is that you will find it easier to get employed. The major is highly diversified, but allows you to specialize in a particular field. Career opportunities are limitless, and the demand for such individuals has grown over the course of time. This means that you get a chance to pursue a career in anatomical instruction or in the biotech industry. 
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