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Whether you realize it or not, the global market determines our future. An earthquake in Asia can affect prices of manufactured goods worldwide, and conflicts in the Middle East can change our fuel prices in an instant. Both businesses and consumers need to be aware of the economics in the worldwide market.

Majoring in managerial economics allows you to learn how to use economics to accurately analyze and manage the operations of a business. With your degree, you will be able to tell a company whether or not it can afford to give its employees a bonus, the price it should set for consumer goods, and what will happen to a school if the government changes federal funding.

Initially, managerial economics majors study typical business course like economics, business law, micro and macroeconomics, and statistics. As you learn more, you'll be able to take more specialized classes that cover global markets, entrepreneurship, trade, and managing corporate finances.

Graduates with a managerial economics degree can work as investment analysts, consultants, or investment bankers. You may choose to also earn a master's degree to move up the ranks to a management position within an organization.

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