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About the Business Administration and Management Major

If you're looking for a degree that offers versatility, look no further than business administration and management. This degree program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed for managerial positions in any area of business. Students learn business principles in accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources, and explore issues in economics, psychology, and business law for an in-depth understanding of how to be effective, innovative leaders in today's constantly changing business world. 

Graduates of business administration and management degree programs are prepared for careers in all areas of management; the basic principles of business are applicable to any industry. Accounting, consulting, human resources, marketing communications, strategy, and brand management are among the many fields graduates pursue at private and public companies, consulting firms, banks, hospitals, nonprofits, and government organizations. Graduates might also launch their own businesses or choose to pursue an advanced degree to enhance their career flexibility.  

Business administration and management undergraduate programs consist of courses grounded in liberal arts, quantitative studies, and analytical reasoning. Master's of Business Administration (MBA) programs emphasize a broad business education with the core curriculum requiring classes in management, finance, accounting, organizational behavior, marketing, and information technology. In both degree programs, students become familiar with each aspect of operating a business and how they come together to contribute to its success.

Students explore a diverse range of issues in management, including accounting, finance, economics, business ethics, marketing, and corporate responsibility. Both undergraduate and graduate programs usually offer students the option to declare a concentration in one or more areas to enhance the depth of their studies. Options vary depending on the college or university; concentrations that are generally offered include accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Through case studies, projects, presentations, internships, and study abroad opportunities, business administration students acquire leadership, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making skills needed to succeed professionally.
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