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Eastern religions are often of interest to Western students. Sometimes this interest may even lead one to take up a Buddhist studies major. Majoring in Buddhist studies gives you the opportunity to learn more about the teachings and philosophies of Buddha, as well as the history of the religion.

The program primarily focuses on the philosophy taught by Gautama Buddha. Courses will focus on his life in ancient India and the various interpretations of his teachings by his apostles and disciples.You'll learn more about the religion through cultural, intellectual and social developments of the faith and its various branches. The major provides detailed instruction in sacred Buddhist literature, including the Tipitaka and its various branches.

After you've graduated, you will come to realize that your career options depend on your experience and education. As restrictive as the major may seem, it gives you access to multiple employment opportunities depending on your interests. You can pursue a career as a religious worker, clergy member, nonprofit employee, or even as a university professor. 
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