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Sometimes medicine just doesn't do the trick and the body can't heal itself. These situations can be dire, but that's where biomedical engineering comes in to save the day.

At its very core, biomedical engineering is about problem solving and using your knowledge of engineering and design to advance the future of medicine. A biomedical engineering major learns to create body replacement parts, drug-delivery systems, medical instruments, and test equipment. Your coursework will focus heavily on science and math, and classes will evolve as experts continue to make new discoveries in the field.

By majoring in biomedical engineering, you'll be able to enter an exciting and necessary field. Biomedical engineers create tools and develop techniques that could save lives. For this reason, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for biomedical engineering majors will grow by 27 percent between 2012 and 2022, a rate that's much higher than most fields.

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