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STEM degrees have received a huge amount of attention in recent years, and the biochemistry and molecular biology major definitely falls under this umbrella. Biochemistry and molecular biology focuses on the function, structure, and dynamic behavior of the components that make up biological systems at the molecular, submolecular, and supermolecular levels.

If you choose this major, you'll receive instruction on the biological activities being carried out at tissue, cellular, and organism levels. You will learn more about the chemical basis of life and how it underpins all disciplines of biology.You'll leave the program with a better understanding of the molecular events that take place during the development stages of living organisms. However, students will also be able to pinpoint the exact reason why such chemical reactions go wrong, and will conduct elaborate research projects.

That being said, you should keep in mind that the major opens the door to some of the most challenging and exciting careers in the fields of medicine and science. You can pursue a career as a biochemist, molecular biologist, industrial biochemist, or even a research biochemist. This may give you the chance to make groundbreaking discoveries. What could be better than that? 

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