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To be able to create the perfect cake, concoct a scrumptious soufflé, or deliver a decadent dessert takes talent, but it also takes skill. That skill, combined with your natural creativity, can lead to a rewarding career. If you're ready to maintain a sanitary and safe work area, create recipes, present new dishes, plan menus, and run your own kitchen, consider becoming a baking and pastry arts major.

A baking and pastry arts program focuses on preparing students to become professional bakers and pastry specialists in restaurants or other commercial baking establishments. The curriculum for this program generally includes instruction in areas such as bread and pastry making, bread and pastry handling and storage, cake and pastry decorating, baking industry operations, product packaging and marketing operations, and counter display and service.

Baking and pastry arts majors will take courses in a number of settings. Though a few classes may meet in a typical classroom, most courses will take place in a kitchen, where the tools of the trade are readily available. Some schools may also require you to complete an internship at a restaurant or bakery before graduating.

Depending upon your interests, earning a certificate or degree in baking and pastry arts can open a number of career opportunities. Graduates can find positions in restaurants, hotels, catering kitchens, or even start their own baking or catering businesses.
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