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Dinosaurs. Mummies. Ancient civilizations. Archeologists have unearthed innumerable pieces of history that point to life as it was hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years ago. If you have a passion for digging up the past, consider becoming an archaeology major.

The archeology major is a program that focuses on the systematic study of extinct societies and the past of living societies via the excavation, analysis, and interpretation of their artifactual, human, and associated remains. The curriculum generally includes instruction in archeological theory, field methods, dating methods, conservation and museum studies, cultural and physical evolution, and the study of specific selected past cultures. Degrees are offered from undergraduate through PhD levels.

Courses are generally held in a typical classroom setting, though some may require observations, interviews, or engagement in research. Some programs also require fieldwork or an internship.

A variety of job opportunities exist for those with a degree in archaeology. Career paths include anthropology, archeology, research, education, or work as an archivist, curator, historian, librarian, or park ranger. Programs are also available for students in order to gain life experience through internships or apprenticeships.
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