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Loving animals is one big reason students major in animal health. A program like this prepares you for a career working with animals both big and small.

Animal health majors take classes that cover a huge range of topics. These include environmental science, pharmacology, animal population studies, genetics, animal physiology, disease prevention, lab testing, and so much more.

Because this major is so broad and requires hands-on experience, you should expect to spend time in the lab and in the field. Some of your classes will be in a traditional classroom, but don't be surprised when you have to head out to a zoo, farm, or veterinarian's office.

A variety of career opportunities exist for graduates with an animal health degree. Many students interested in pursuing a career as a veterinarian begin with a degree in animal health and go on to obtain a veterinary degree. However, a number of other opportunities are available. Many graduates work as animal breeders, pet nutritionists, dairy technologists, animal health technicians, or veterinary technicians.

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