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Why do animals behave the way they do? You may not be Dr. Doolittle, but majoring in animal behavior and ethology could help you find out. This program allows students interested in animal behavior to take part in classes covering animal neurobiology, ethology, hormonal controls, and sensory and cognition perception motivators. Some students get the chance to be part of scientific studies to help them further understand certain species.

The major covers a wide range of topics, meaning you'll learn a lot about animal habits and the neural mechanisms that trigger their responses. The major involves delving deep into the world of science, where you will take various classes including biology, zoology, and sensory perception. These classes will allow you to observe different animals and understand their behavior, sensation, and cognition. By graduation you will have undertaken an individual research project in the areas that interest you the most.

Career options are broad, and there will never be a boring day on the job. Apart from working as a zoologist or a wildlife biologist, you can consider a career as a veterinarian. The demand for such specialists is expected to increase by 12 percent, by 2022, which means opportunities will be plentiful.

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