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There's something about U.S. government and politics that interests many people - this may explain why majoring in American government and politics is so popular! Studying this topic gives you a deeper understanding of the American political process and how our republic functions.

Typical courses for an American government and politics major include American political theory, U.S. political institutions and their behavior, constitutional law, judicial politics, and political research. You'll also study American government at the local, state, and federal levels.

While much of your work will take place in the classroom, some schools give you the opportunity to mix things up by engaging in research or participating in an internship that gives you hands-on experience.

A variety of career opportunities exist for those with a degree in American government and politics. Some graduates end up teaching history or civics, while others become reporters, public interest advocates, or elected officials. Others choose to advance their education with a master's or law degree so they can become judges, lawyers, or political scientists.

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