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What could be more important than working in an industry responsible for providing food, fiber, and fuel to millions of people? Agriculture, a field so broad in study, serves a clear purpose in our society. As populations around the world continue to grow, so too will the need for sustainable food and natural resources.

Farm and ranch families comprise only 2 percent of the US population, but thanks to their efficiency and productivity, Americans enjoy a food supply that is affordable, abundant, and among the world's safest.  Ag majors learn in depth about the role agriculture plays in providing safe and affordable products and develop an understanding of agricultural production and management in addition to current environmental and economic issues that impact the industry.

A career in agriculture isn't limited to the farm or ranch. Agriculture experts are also needed internationally and domestically in fields such as communications and marketing, research and development, education, technology, conservation, and alternative energy. 

As an agriculture major, expect to develop a foundation in physical and natural sciences, such as chemistry and biology. You'll develop a holistic understanding of agricultural production, processing, marketing, and distribution. Most colleges and universities offer an option to concentrate in a particular area of interest, which will determine the focus of your coursework. Common concentrations include Agri-Business, Agri-Communications, Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture, Animal and Pre-Veterinary Sciences, Pest Management, and Sustainable Development.

Agriculture students expand their learning outside the classroom by gaining valuable experiences through internship and co-op opportunities with nonprofit organizations, farms, agri-science companies, government agencies, and family-run operations. Did you know: About 97 percent of US farms are operated by families? 

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