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Thinking about an aeronautical/aerospace engineering major? You're aiming high! This program prepares you to apply fundamental engineering principles and your technical knowledge to provide support to engineers and professionals in the processes of development, manufacturing, and testing of spacecraft, aircraft, and other aerospace systems.

During your studies, you'll learn about aircraft and spacecraft systems technology, design and development testing, model and operational testing, examination and maintenance procedures, instrument calibration, test equipment function, and report preparation.

This will ultimately prepare you for a career spent consulting with aerospace engineers and discussing the test procedures and their implications in detail. You will build the testing facilities for aircraft systems and then be involved in their maintenance. You'll also be able to build and install parts and systems that would be required in testing equipment, ensure that test procedures are executed smoothly, and record the relevant data.  

Becoming an aerospace engineer or technician means you may work on projects related to national defense or for designing civilian aircraft. However, you could also find yourself working on research and development projects related to new aircraft or parts. 

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