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About the Acting Major

At its basic level, acting is the process of communicating information, ideas, moods, and feelings by performing natural and believable behavior for an audience. As an acting major, you will learn all about what goes into the performances of plays, movies, TV shows, and other productions, including what the audience sees and even things that happen behind the scenes.

Students in this major require an innate talent for acting, and the courses they take help them improve and refine that talent, such as improvisation, physical acting and movement, speech and vocal technique, stage dialects, traditional acting styles, and script interpretation. Students pursuing more than a certificate or two-year degree might also take courses exploring other elements of the entertainment industry, such as the audition process, history of the acting industry, and screenwriting and composition. Students should be prepared to spend a lot of time rehearsing and memorizing lines, both for small exercises in front of classmates and for major performances in front of a large audience.

With an acting degree, you can go on to audition for acting roles in movie productions, plays, TV shows, commercials, and other productions. Many graduates pursue singing or modeling as a profession. Others choose an alternate career in the entertainment industry, such as lighting, set design, media critic work, advertising, casting, and playwriting or screenwriting.
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