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Hellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology Reviews

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    Campus Safety

    100% safe campus am comfortable and safe at all hours day and night on campus and with children of all ages

    Academic Rigor

    wonderful classes that stimulate the mind

    Tips for prospective students

    Come visit the school there is more we have to offer then just theology

    In three sentences

    I love how the classes are all small. You have a great one on one atmosphere. Everyone gets to know one another and it becomes like we are one big family.

  • Reviewer is A current student here.

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    Campus Safety

    campus safety is 100%. never in my time there has something happened that jeopardized the safety of the students in any way. i can neither recall an incident recounted from previous students of the school as well.

    Greek Life

    greek life is obviously experienced to a high extent, as much of the student body is greek orthodox. students regularly will plan on attending local greek parish festivals together or go to local greek nights at restaurants or pubs.

    Clubs and Activities

    as mentioned above, the clubs offer opportunities for the students to organize social events on campus such as the fall paniyiri with pumpkin carving, outdoor games, grilled corn on the cob, a pie tasting contest, and games for the children of the married students on campus (separate housing for them).

    Great for these types of students

    the school is great for hard-working, ethically-minded, christ-loving students with a mind to serve to christ's body in any way that they feel gifted to do so.

    Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus

    recently, a prayer trail was constructed/cleared in the fall behind the soccer field. the benches are a beautiful place to study, pray, or read next to the chapel. the hill where the holy cross chapel sits is actually the highest geographical spot in all of brookline/boston. pretty neat! the benches overlooking the boston skyline are a wonderful spot, especially at sunrise and sunset, when the skyscrapers reflect all the colors of the rising or fading sun.

    Bang for the buck

    for business, classics, human development, literature and english, and history majors, this school can work wonders for you as a christian, especially as an orthodox christian. the school fosters a dynamic academic life if you so choose, a living spiritual life at the chapel and priests on site, and life-long friendships, relationships, and connections of all kinds.

    What to do for fun

    for fun, there are opportunities to get involved in cab (campus activities board), missions committee, sga (student government association), attendance to meetings, symposiums hosted by the ovm (office of vocation and ministry), intramural sports (basketball, football, and frisbee), and take the t (train) into boston (boston commons, prudential center, faneuil hall, etc.).

    Food and Dining

    despite regular complaining from the student body about the cafeteria food and set dining hours, i strongly believe the cafeteria is one of the school's strong points for a few reason. first of all, i have spoken and witnessed what type of food other cafeterias offer students at other colleges, and i can assure you that it is anything but appetizingly-fresh, crisp, and appealing... yes, hchc's dining follows the chuch's fasting periods, which can make dining options more limited, but props to the kitchen staff for remaining dedicated to being creative with options. secondly, although the price is rather high when compared to other schools and people complain about that, the quality and amount of choices at the cafeteria surely explain the more pricey "room and board." thirdly, and lastly, although the dining hours are limited (i.e. you cannot go in and eat at any time), i know of other colleges whose caf is always open, but students say their food is "trash." not so at this school.

    Dorm Life

    i have to put a 3 because of the cons and pros. the cons include that it is quiet in the sense of not always having something going on or someone to hang out with and do something fun. the dorm building itself is older when compared to average dorm buildings, but then again, it is beautiful and blessing to live in them considering that anything-but-clean atmosphere on many level of other college dorms around the country. the pros would definitely be that despite random occurrences of people staying up late talking or listening to music, the dorm remains relatively quiet and peaceful when compared to most other dorms in the country. it is also a big plus that most students are orthodox christians and most certainly basically some christian denomination.

    Academic Rigor

    i put a four mostly because of my knowledge of older students more advanced in the pursual of their major. the "gen ed" years when one takes the general requirements for a college degree (all of freshman year and most of sophomore year) can become tiresome and is not the most vibrant in an academic sense, but this can be easily remedied by taking ap courses in high school and clep tests, both of which cover the general requirement classes.

    Tips for prospective students

    the number one tip i can give is for students to remember that this school can give what you make it of it. if one comes here for reasons such as a partying atmosphere, the latest in technology and nightlife on and around campus, and a sense of never-ending possibilities of things to do and people to meet in a materialistic sense, then this college's experience will indeed be drab. coming to this school can serve as a literally once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a nearness and familiarity with christ and the orthodox church one will never be able to enjoy anywhere else in life, besides visiting monasteries or becoming a monastic. one has to make a conscious decision to take advantage of the dynamic church life and ready opportunity to become close to one's professors and academic advisors, using these opportunities for tools to create a healthy foundation for easing one's way into the "real world."

    In three sentences

    a school where as a christian, especially as an orthodox christian, one can enjoy the simple blessings (yet becoming more and more sparse in this world) of openly praying before a meal as almost all others, making the sign of the cross is anything but comical or weirdly a fantastical thing, daily church services at holy cross chapel serve as beautiful bookends to one's day, and familiarity and one-on-one time with professors can be a reality.