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    Great for these types of students

    Great for diligent, hard-working, disciplined students. You don't have to be a genius, you just have to care. The tutors here ask only that you muster the attitude necessary for learning and attempt the work assigned. They get to know you and your strengths as an individual and tailor their expectations and hopes for you specifically -- in all your classes. The community is very affirming and inclusive to all the students, despite their sundry personalities and quirks. All it takes to succeed is the attitude.

    Bang for the buck

    The education is relatively inexpensive and far superior to any of my other college experiences and any of my friend's experiences. This institution offers something rare in the college scene: critical thinking improvement. A cursory search of the value of a Liberal Arts degree will demonstrate the value in today's society and easily counter-balance any trepidation about earning such a general degree (at least it did for me). I am astounded at the immense value I find in this education and relationships I have developed within the community.

    What to do for fun

    Fun abounds in the bonny hill-country of Eugene. There are many interesting sites to walk to about the town as well as a 24-hour doughnut shop with the most delectable pastries. Coffee shops, concerts, and any event you may wish to attend sponsored by the University of Oregon are easily accessible. The town and people are what you make of them.

    Food and Dining

    The cooks are composed of students and alumni that cook once a week for the residents. There are homemade baked goods quite often and one can hardly wince at even the worst of dining experiences here when compared with the dorm food slopped out in most universities. A multiplicity of other off-campus eateries are in easy walking distance, as well as three good grocery stores for any other food needs.

    Dorm Life

    I highly recommend living on campus. It is convenient, cozy, community driven, and the meals are often phenomenal. It is very affordable and well worth your while.

    Academic Rigor

    Very challenging, and very rewarding. I have noticed a significant jump in my critical thinking, ability to discuss, and understanding in reading. The curriculum and faculty is structured such that as much effort and discipline you are willing to exert, they will come alongside and instruct and challenge you as an individual. The general interest in the history of ideas and integrating them into an understanding of where you are in the flow of thought and development of society is very contagious and fascinating to boot.

    Tips for prospective students

    Come and visit! We have a very challenging and enjoyable community that is just as concerned with living well as learning. Apply early and come try a meal or two if possible, good home cooking goes a long way.

    In three sentences

    Excellent community, faculty, curriculum. I am astounded at the Great Books program and the capability of the teaching staff. Great for development and maturing of the whole individual, not just a facet or two commonly associated with the college experience.