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College of St Joseph Reviews

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    What to do for fun

    Every Friday our school gets together and we have a game night. There is always something to do. I can't stress enough stay away from party's. Like I have said You pay for your education so take advantage of it. You don't want to waste money that you will have to pay back.

    Food and Dining

    At CSJ the food is pretty descant. If you like chicken than you will fit in well. CSJ serves chicken all the time. All students at CSJ are close and we all eat together. Most of the time we have good food. I haven't had many meals where I wont eat. You pay for it, so eat it!

    Dorm Life

    Our dorms are small but cozy. In college you have to learn to live with people you have never meet. Most of the time everyone in the suite turns out to be great friends. At CSJ we have updated bathrooms. The bathrooms are redone, and the school made it, so we have more room in our bathrooms. I find that CSJ bathrooms are bigger than most college bathrooms.

    Academic Rigor

    CSJ has high standards for their students. They want us to get the most out of our education. CSJ will not chase their students, they expect that if we are struggling than we need to seek help. The high the school holds you, the better students we will become.

    Tips for prospective students

    College is a complete different environment than high school. I always say take advantage of your college education. We are bettering our self's and we should take full advantage of that. College has more opportunities to mess up than high school. One thing I can say is Stay away from parties. We are paying for college and we can't afford to fall through the cracks. Everything you do in college plays a part in your academics. Make wise choices and you pay for your education so do not waste your money.

    In three sentences

    College of St. Joseph is a school who works one on one with all students. I believe this is one of the best schools. They are willing to make sure all students do well and improve.