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    Great for these types of students

    Bellin College is perfect for anyone who really wants to be a nurse, because you are involved in the nursing program right away. It is great for a student who is looking for that small-classroom atmosphere -- which is completely underrated in high school! Also, if you're looking for a place to bond tightly with your classmates (who are the only ones who will understand how demanding nursing school can be!), Bellin College is a solid choice! :)

    Tips for prospective students

    Work hard in high school, fill out your FAFSA as early as you possibly can, apply for scholarships, all that jazz. If you know you want to be a nurse, but your grades aren't perfect or your ACT isn't as high as you would like, apply anyway. They can be pretty lenient.

    Bang for the buck

    Ok. Bellin is expensive because it's a private school. It averages out to approximately $10,000 per semester, including room and board and books. Keep your grades up in high school, because a few friends and I have the Merit Scholarship, which is $750 per semester that you maintain a 3.5 average. We couldn't have gotten the scholarship in the first place if our high school grades had been poor. Also, keep in mind that Bellin Nurses have a stellar reputation. I spoke with last year's seniors about getting jobs in the real world. According to them, job placement is a cinch, despite the rough economy. And that's what it's all about!

    Am enjoying being here

    I love Green Bay! I lived on campus at UW-Green Bay for my freshman year, and am living off-campus this year. Bellin does not have on-campus housing, so if you need to stay on-campus somewhere, it would be at UWGB or at St. Norbert's, whichever college you choose to complete the other part of the collaborative program. I know, it's complicated. But worth it! It's basically a guarantee that you will bond with your class of fellow nursing students, because you are in nearly all in the same gen ed classes. I made a lot of friends/study buddies in my freshman year through Bellin and also through UWGB.

    Am learning a lot

    Bellin's traditional 4-year program is unique in that you are accepted into a school of nursing when you apply your senior year of high school. Technically, you begin taking nursing classes your freshman year of college, which I was VERY excited about. However, in the first year, you are only in one nursing class per semester, as most of your credits are general education classes specific to nursing-- chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, etc. Essentially, I was disappointed in the first-year classes because they were kind of fluff classes, but I did learn a LOT in anatomy and physiology. That class, however, was taken at UW-Green Bay, not Bellin. I am told by upperclassmen that it gets WAY better in the coming years (I will be a sophomore). This year's classes include pathophysiology (the study of diseases in the human body), health assessment (learning to do a physical from head to toe), microbiology, and nutrition, among others. Clinical experience this year is going to be much more in-depth, as well. And hands-on learning is how we nursing students study our future profession! :)