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Youth Guidance B.A.M. - Senn HS

  • Youth Guidance B.A.M. - Senn HS
  • 5900 N Glenwood Ave.
  • Chicago, IL 60660
  • (312) 730-3029

Program Description

Youth Guidance creates and implements school-based programs that enable children to overcome obstacles, focus on their education and, ultimately, to succeed in school and in life. Todayâ??s youth face many obstacles. Community violence and other stressors create at-risk environments where making positive life choices can feel impossible. Itâ??s easy for young men, particularly from disadvantaged communities, to become angry and afraid. Itâ??s easy for them to follow negative influences that lead to serious trouble. Itâ??s easy for them to drop out of school.

In 2001, the Becoming A Man (BAM) program was launched in Chicago to help young men navigate difficult circumstances that threaten their future. Program founder Anthony Ramirez-Di Vittorio created a safe space for young men at Clemente High School to openly express themselves, receive support and develop the social and emotional skills necessary to succeed. Now in its 19th year, the BAM program serves more than 8,000 youth in 140 schools

Services Provided

  • College admissions guidance and counseling


Race & Ethnicity

  • Hispanic/Latino: 38%
  • Other: 6%
  • African American: 56%

Education Level and
Number of Students

  • High School: 6739
  • Middle School: 0
  • Elementary School: 0
  • Post-secondary: 0
  • Non-traditional: 0


  • Less than 25%

Colleges Attended
by Alumni

  • Philander Smith College
  • Texas Southern University
  • University of Memphis