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The Franklin Institute: STEM Scholars Program

  • The Franklin Institute: STEM Scholars Program
  • 222 North 20th Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • 215-448-1200
  • Danielle Marino
  • Manager, STEM Scholars Program

Program Description

The STEM Scholars program serves a select group of Philadelphia-area students in grades 9-12 who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. The program's mission is to increase promising urban students' matriculation into college and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields by providing a STEM immersion portal to enhance STEM subject knowledge and problem-solving skills.

    Four-year STEM Scholars programming includes:

  • STEM career immersion experiences
  • Informal/formal science experiences
  • Personal profile management
  • College preparation, including SAT/ACT tutoring
  • Paid research experiences

Success Stories

"Knowing that people like Dr. Bertley want you to succeed is very motivating. STEM Scholars adds to the knowledge I get in [high school] classes by giving me hands-on ways to practice what I learn. The program also has done a wonderful job of supporting us through the college search process. The SAT prep classes were especially helpful, and thanks to them I raised my score by 400 points, which opened a new range of college possibilities for me." ~ Korah, Senior

Services Provided

  • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
  • Career exploration and counseling/internships
  • College admissions guidance and counseling
  • Mentoring
  • SAT/ACT and other test preparation
  • Science, tech, engineering, & math (STEM)


Race & Ethnicity

  • White: 7%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 12%
  • Other: 9%
  • African American: 72%

Education Level and
Number of Students

  • High School: 15
  • Middle School: 0
  • Elementary School: 0
  • Post-secondary: 0
  • Non-traditional: 0

Populations Served

  • Academically High-performing


  • Less than 25%