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NFL YET Academy - Espiritu Schools

  • Alan Rascon
  • Guidance Counselor

Program Description

NFL YET College Prep Academy has recently relocated to a new campus located at 222 East Olympic Drive in Phoenix. Our new 7 -acre campus is a prepared learning environment organized into teams that correspond to the traditional junior high and high school levels of seventh through eighth and ninth through twelfth grades. These teams will utilize the data results from these test years to place students into correct cohorts, so teachers can create an Individual Learning Plan for each student, and adjust their teaching strategies.

Each team is also organized to correspond to the "Triviumâ" curriculum levels: Logic I, sixth to eighth grades, and Rhetoric I, grades nine and ten, and Rhetoric II, grades eleven and twelve, with Honors available for students who qualify.

The teacher is the facilitator of learning and they are required to structure their classroom by organizing their students into cohorts of excelling, meeting, approaching, or falls far below, based upon an analysis of at least the last three years. The teacher then prepares annual goals and teaching strategies for each of their students and adjusts them each week based upon an internal assessment.

The goal is to have more than eighty-five percent of our students pass the Reading AZ-Merit, and have seventy-five percent of students pass the Math AZ-Merit by the end of the 2016 Academic Year.

Services Provided

  • Leadership development
  • Other


Populations Served

  • Academically High-performing


  • Less than 25%