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KIPP Delta Public Schools

  • KIPP Delta Public Schools
  • 514 Missouri St
  • Helena, AR 72342
  • 870-753-9035
  • 2002

Program Description

Our KIPP Through College team exposes students to college options early, guiding students and families through the admissions & financial aid process and advocating to eliminate barriers to college matriculation and graduation.

Success Stories

Since I have been at KIPP, I have improved in both my academic fields and my ability to work with others. KIPP has given me a lot of opportunities to better myself during school and outside of school. Teachers are respectful, helpful, and willing to work with those who struggle with anything.KIPP has many positives, but what I like most about being a part of this Team and Family are the numerous advantages that I wouldnâ??t get at another school. At KIPP, we are well-prepared for college and get more assistance with applying for admission and financial aid.For alumni in college, KIPP made a difference in their lives because our schools helped them develop study habits, the skills to turn assignments in on time, and also the ability to work with others without any problems.As for me, my college plans are to attend Duke University. I want to graduate with a degree in criminal justice. I will then attend Dukeâ??s law school, and be on my way to owning my own law firm. KIPP can help me get there by continuing to tighten down on rules when Iâ??m in the wrong, and keeping me on track to achieve my lifelong dream.

Services Provided

  • College admissions guidance and counseling
  • Financial aid advising/FAFSA completion
  • Other


Race & Ethnicity

  • White: 6%
  • African American: 93%


  • Less than 25%