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In Reach, Inc.

  • In Reach, Inc.
  • 9103 Woodmore Center Drive
  • Lanham, MD 20706
  • 301-744-9251
  • Toni Smith
  • Executive Director
  • 301-744-9251

Program Description

Founded in December 1999, IN REACH is a youth-driven, community-focused 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization positioned to respond to the unmet developmental and academic needs of children and youth.

Mission: IN REACH believes that students should always be in reach of a quality education, opportunities in their communities for development and, ultimately, their dreams. In order for IN REACH to be successful at helping students reach this goal, it prepares them for college, work and life.

Vision: IN REACH envisions healthy, productive and prepared young adults in every family.

Success Stories

Throughout my life I have been involved with numerous social and academic activities. I participated in sports such as basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball. I was also a member of the Girls Scout of America. Through these various activities, I was able to develop social, communication and leadership skills. Ultimately, I learned how to network at a very young age. However, leadership was the most important characteristic I obtained from my experience in these activities. As a teenager, I joined an organization called (In Reach, Inc.) Girls Are Great, (Program) Inc. This program opened my eyes to problems women face in today's society.

Girls Are Great was a wonderful social outlet for me but more importantly this group allowed me to see how the media portrays women in a negative manner. On television we see women portrayed as promiscuous, vulnerable, and dependent. Most music videos hold women as sexual objects. Girls Are Great opened my eyes to see that we cannot blame the media entirely for these images. We as women have to take accountability for our own image. If women would stop playing over sexualized roles in movies and would say no when asked to wear skimpy clothes in music videos we would be able to be taken more seriously.

This group helped me develop a positive image of self-worth and self-respect. A lot of young girls don't have positive role models that they can talk and with whom they can express their true feelings. Girls Are Great was a place where I could do just that. The empowering of youth is a vital necessity because the youth are the future. Without respectable, self-assured, individuals America as a country would not grow. We must help one another be all we can be.

Alicia Gardner (2008)

Temple University

Class of 2013

Best Practices Library

The Youth Ambassadors Program is college access program with a service learning heart. High school students, beginning in their sophomore year, participate in a variety of opportunities to build life skills through financial literacy, become college and career ready , and engage in meaningful service learning projects (as UNICEF high school clubs) to address the issues that directly impact them locally and as global citizens.

The Quantum Project, a year-round after-school and summer program, is a college awareness and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career exploration program that engages middle school students in hands-on weekly activities that reinforce the school day experience. IN REACH's goal is to affect overall student achievement specifically in science while also developing the areas that the Partnership for 21st Century Skills has termed the 4C's - communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity - the "super skills" for the 21st century.

Services Provided

  • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
  • Arts and cultural
  • Career exploration and counseling/internships
  • College admissions guidance and counseling
  • College fairs/campus visits
  • Community service/service hours
  • Financial aid advising/FAFSA completion
  • Leadership development
  • Parent/family services
  • SAT/ACT and other test preparation
  • Science, tech, engineering, & math (STEM)


Race & Ethnicity

  • White: 1%
  • Asian or Pacific Islander: 1%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 43%
  • African American: 55%

Education Level and
Number of Students

  • High School: 30
  • Middle School: 50
  • Elementary School: 70
  • Post-secondary: 20
  • Non-traditional: 0

Populations Served

  • Academically At-risk
  • Academically High-performing
  • ESL Students


  • More than 75%

Colleges Attended
by Alumni

  • Cornell University
  • Davidson College
  • Frostburg State University
  • Hampton University
  • Lincoln University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Philadelphia University
  • Stevenson University
  • Temple University
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County
  • University of Maryland-College Park
  • University of the District of Columbia

Matriculation & Completion

  • 4-yr College Matriculation: 75%
  • 4-yr College Graduation: 90%