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Genesys Works - Bay Area

  • Genesys Works - Bay Area
  • 101 2nd Street
    Suite 500
  • San Francisco, CA 94105
  • 415-442-0280
  • 2013

Program Description

Genesys Works - Bay Area serves students through a holistic program which begins the summer before their senior year and runs for one calendar year. There are several different aspects of the program that come into play throughout the year.

A student's first step in Genesys Works is to complete summer training. During the summer, young professionals complete 8 weeks of intensive IT skills and professional skills training. Students use Cisco IT Essentials curriculum to develop a foundation of technological skills. The course engages our young professionals in hands-on computer hardware activities, software installation and imaging, and a variety of problem-solving activities designed to increase students' computer troubleshooting knowledge. Young professionals are also taught the necessary professional skills that will allow them to thrive in a corporate environment. The training covers topics ranging from interview skills, professional writing and communication standards, and corporate culture. Outside of the training room, young professionals also participate in team-building activities and exposure to corporate partners through events like Networking Day, visits to corporate headquarters, and brown bag lunches with executives.

In the fall, young professionals who have successfully completed summer training are placed in paid internships within the IT departments of Bay Area companies such as PG&E and Throughout their senior year, interns become valuable members of their corporations. They gain exposure to the corporate world and gain confidence that they can succeed as professionals. This new involvement within the corporate community leads the interns to the realization that a college education is essential for their professional growth. The final component of the Genesys Works program is Career and College Connection, which helps the interns explore their options for a professional career path. This weekly evening class is conducted throughout the school year. A dedicated Career and College coach helps each intern work through the college application and financial aid process.

Finally, upon completing the internship and College & Career Connection curriculum, Genesys Works - Bay Area Alumni continue to engage with the program through inspiring the next cohort of young professionals, taking advantage of career opportunities, and receiving support in both college and financial success.

The Genesys Works model is unique in its focus on bridging the gap between education and business, making local businesses a partner providing new opportunities to our low-income youth. The combined focus on the need for education and the potential for a professional career create a new mindset in the students who participate in the Genesys Works program.

  • Specifically, we recruit:
  • -Underprivileged high school students
  • -The "quiet middle"
  • -Students that are legally able to work in the United States
  • -Students that are able to work 15-20 hours per week during their senior year
  • -Students that demonstrate interest and ability to succeed through our program
  • Success Stories

    "Genesys Works is the reason I wake up every day with a purpose." These words come from Luis, a young professional who immigrated to the US in search of an education that was not available in his impoverished home country of Honduras. What he found here were paved streets and modern classrooms, but they were filled with unmotivated and disengaged students. He could have followed the drug dealing path of many of his classmates but instead chose opportunity. With confidence, marketable skills, and a meaningful internship at a world-renowned technology company, he found that success in the economic mainstream was no longer someone else's reality, it was his reality.

    Luis's internship with in the Quality Engineering department has led him to pursue a computer science degree from Diablo Valley College in the fall. He is also a member of the UC Berkeley Transfer Alliance Project, providing the support he needs to transfer to Berkeley and complete a 4-year degree successfully.

    Services Provided

    • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
    • Career exploration and counseling/internships
    • College admissions guidance and counseling
    • College fairs/campus visits
    • College transition and retention support
    • Financial aid advising/FAFSA completion
    • Leadership development
    • Mentoring
    • Science, tech, engineering, & math (STEM)


    Race & Ethnicity

    • White: 6%
    • Asian or Pacific Islander: 53%
    • Hispanic/Latino: 22%
    • Other: 11%
    • African American: 8%

    Education Level and
    Number of Students

    • High School: 59
    • Middle School: 0
    • Elementary School: 0
    • Post-secondary: 18
    • Non-traditional: 0

    Populations Served

    • Academically At-risk


    • More than 75%

    Colleges Attended
    by Alumni

    • Berkeley City College (1)
    • California State University-East Bay (1)
    • California State University-Los Angeles (1)
    • City College of San Francisco (6)
    • Diablo Valley College (1)
    • San Francisco State University (4)
    • San Jose State University (1)
    • University of California-Irvine (1)
    • University of California-Santa Cruz (2)

    Matriculation & Completion

    • 4-yr College Matriculation: 94%