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Program Description

ESPIRITU Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization. Its goal is to renew communities by forming servant leaders with faith-based principles. These new servant leaders will then rebuild their own communities with community service projects. The model was two pronged, Servant Leadership and Community Development; to develop leaders, have them form other leaders, who would then build spirit in their families and their communities.

The Servant Leadership model was developed into an educational system. Leaders are identified, formed and joined with other leaders in forming teams who are then sent out to assist other communities change their circumstances. In summary, a servant leader's primary role is to assist a community in developing a strong moral and values-based code of ethics which forms the foundation from which various projects are planned and launched in service to others.

ESPIRITU provides instruction in four core areas: Math/Science, Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and electives in the Classics.

Services Provided

  • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
  • Arts and cultural
  • Community service/service hours
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Parent/family services
  • Science, tech, engineering, & math (STEM)


Education Level and
Number of Students

  • High School: 250
  • Middle School: 170
  • Elementary School: 330
  • Post-secondary: 0
  • Non-traditional: 0


  • Less than 25%