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  • Enroot
  • 99 Bishop Allen Drive
  • Cambridge, MA 02139
  • (617) 876-5214

Program Description


To empower immigrant youth to achieve academic, career, and personal success through inspiring out-of-school experiences

Our team of adult mentors, tutors, instructors, and case managers helps empower students through a comprehensive multi-year program that facilitates each student to not only succeed, but fulfill their own American Dream.

What Guides Us

    • STUDENTS FIRST: We place the dreams and needs of students at the forefront of every action, every decision.
    • SENSE OF POSSIBILITY: We believe that every immigrant student has unique strengths, the ability to overcome obstacles, and the potential to achieve lifelong success.
    • AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS: We understand that learning and growth require authentic relationships, and work hard to develop a deep connection with every student, volunteer, and partner.
    • CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: We operate with humility and continuously evaluate the impact of our work to ensure we are doing our best for our students.

    Services Provided

    • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
    • Career exploration and counseling/internships
    • College admissions guidance and counseling
    • Community service/service hours
    • Leadership development
    • Mentoring


Populations Served

  • ESL Students


  • Less than 25%