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Education Opens Doors

  • Education Opens Doors
  • 2804 Swiss Avenue
    P.O. Box 601971, Zip 75204
  • Dallas, TX 75360
  • (214) 975-3972
  • 2012

Program Description

Education Opens Doors (EOD) is transforming college aspiration into reality by equipping students with the knowledge and resources needed to purposefully navigate through high school to college. EOD does so by implementing the Roadmap to Success Program, which is based on an interactive student manual teaching college-knowledge and skills not traditionally taught in an academic setting. Students in the program receive checklists, tips, and practical exercises around topics including: building resumes, successful interviews, calculating GPA, applying for college, and financial aid, all in an engaging, student-friendly manner. Students keep the manual and resources after completing the program for future use.

Understanding how to strategically navigate through high school and the college-going process has life-altering power for each individual student. The expected outcomes of the Roadmap to Success Program are: increases in college expectations and student motivation as well as significant gains in college knowledge and soft skills. EOD is filling a void for students through the Roadmap to Success Program by targeting the underlying mechanism of students' identity development. We raise students' college expectations, confidence, and skills to navigate the college-going process. Long term, we will improve graduation rates and increase post-secondary matriculation among at-risk students.

Services Provided

  • College admissions guidance and counseling



  • Less than 25%