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College Track Oakland

Program Description

College Track is a national education non-profit organization working to increase high school graduation, college enrollment, and college graduation rates among low-income students. Our ultimate goal is to transform low-income communities into places where all students have the opportunity to graduate from a 4-year university. We do this by opening College Track centers - centrally located in communities demonstrating significant need - where our students receive academic and college readiness support in a learning 'hub' environment. Through this work we create college-going cultures in the neighborhoods where our centers are located. Currently, the organization supports over 400 college students nationwide and 950 high school students at centers in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Fransisco, New Orleans, Aurora, Colorado, and Los Angeles.

Programs and Services

All of College Track's programs for high school and college students are centered on four core service areas: Academic Affairs, Student Life, College Affairs, and College Success. For each of these programs we have established a set of clearly defined student goals and expectations mapped to college acceptance requirements that are structured to best prepare students for the academic, social, and financial demands of college.

  • Academic Affairs - Provides students with tutoring, small-group academic workshops in all subject areas, SAT and ACT preparation, and academic counseling.
  • Student Life - Enables students to gain leadership skills, be involved in extracurricular activities, participate in cultural and artistic events, and engage in community service.
  • College Affairs - Supports students and parents through the college application and selection process and helps students and parents build a sustainable financial aid portfolio.
  • College Success - Helps students once they are in college to ensure that they are academically, socially, and financially able to complete their degree.

Success Stories

Denzel joined our program as an 8th grader. Shortly after joining the program, Denzel's aunt and grandmother, with whom he was very close to, passed away. During his freshman year his mother was diagnosed with rare disease. This inspired him to explore a career in the biological sciences. To further explore this interest and prepare for a career in the biological sciences, Denzel took the initiative to enrolled in his school's Biotech Academy.

Denzel scored a perfect score on the SAT II in US History, has a 3.7 GPA and has been accepted into Occidental, USCS, UCR, Howard, Cal Poly Pomona. He plans to attend Occidental in the fall and has been awarded several multi-year scholarships.

Services Provided

  • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
  • Arts and cultural
  • Career exploration and counseling/internships
  • College admissions guidance and counseling
  • College fairs/campus visits
  • College transition and retention support
  • Community service/service hours
  • Financial aid advising/FAFSA completion
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Parent/family services
  • SAT/ACT and other test preparation
  • Scholarships and last-dollar grants


Race & Ethnicity

  • American Indian or Native Alaskan: 1%
  • White: 2%
  • Asian or Pacific Islander: 11%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 44%
  • Other: 6%
  • African American: 37%

Education Level and
Number of Students

  • High School: 519
  • Middle School: 0
  • Elementary School: 0
  • Post-secondary: 0
  • Non-traditional: 0

Populations Served

  • Academically At-risk
  • ESL Students
  • Undocumented Students (50)


  • More than 75%

Colleges Attended
by Alumni

  • California State University-East Bay
  • San Francisco State University
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • University of California-Santa Cruz

Matriculation & Completion

  • 4-yr College Matriculation: 100%
  • 4-yr College Graduation: 54%