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ACYR Center for Workforce Development

  • ACYR Center for Workforce Development
  • 649 N. 6th Avenue
  • Phoenix, AZ 85003
  • Adam Soto
  • Workforce Development Program Manager
  • 602-252-6721 x247

Program Description


We envision a community in which young people:

Obtain the academic, vocational, personal, and social skills necessary to complete requirements for a high school credential and enter postsecondary education/training.

Are employed in jobs that support themselves and their families well.

Are valued as key contributors to the community's healthy growth and development.


ACYR's mission is to transform lives, build futures, and strengthen communities through developing our greatest resource...Youth. We support this mission by providing education and workforce development programs of high quality and accountability, and which are firmly grounded in youth development practices and principles.


Through its efforts, ACYR hopes to achieve the following results:

Young people will have the confidence and skills to make positive life choices.

Young people will successfully transition to the roles required of responsible adulthood.

The community will view young people as valuable resources who can - and do - contribute to the community's healthy growth and development.

Success Stories

In 2000 I graduated from the ACYR Center of Excellence High School. When I came to the Center of Excellence I was in bad shape academically and personally... Needless to say I was in need of school like this where I was more than face in a sea of faces. Since attending the Center of Excellence, I have earned an accounting degree from Western International University. ~Hillary Cave~

Services Provided

  • Academic enrichment/tutoring/study skills
  • Career exploration and counseling/internships
  • College admissions guidance and counseling
  • College transition and retention support
  • Community service/service hours
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Parent/family services



  • Less than 25%